Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum – CIP Forum

The current security context is characterized by a high level of uncertainty and an increase in the frequency of systemic shocks occurring through numerous vectors, such as energy, cyber, health and access to food. The global competition, including between Great Powers, has taken on new dimensions – logistical and military, sanctions, advanced technology and production chains, all of them having an impact on critical infrastructures at national, european and global levels.

Therefore, we need to raise the level of coordination and cooperation between states but also with actors such as transnational corporations, academia and civil society. The development of new areas, such as critical infrastructure protection, is necessary to address the new challenges stemming from deliberate threats, but also from the consequences of the digitalization of society, of new developments such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, and also of the targeting of civilian critical infrastructures as a coercive move within the hybrid warfare paradigm.

Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum – CIP Forum, coming this year to its 6th edition, has already established a solid network of experts on the topic of critical infrastructure protection and its various and complex branches, spreading to so many different vital sectors in society.

At a national level, multiple complex initiatives in relation to Critical Infrastructures Protection & Resilience have been promoted by means of networking and expert-level debates as well as legislative projects, starting with 2016. The high-level international Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum – CIP Forum, which reaches its 6th edition this year, between April 26 – 27, 2023, is one of the most notable initiatives in this field from Romania. During its previous editions, participants came from a large geographical spectrum: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Republic of Moldova, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, Turkey and the United States of America. This diversity of high-level attendants makes a strong case towards the global impact of this forum.

We affirm that the main goal of CIP Forum is to grow awareness, building together trust and facilitate regional and global cooperation on issues related to the protection of critical infrastructures and resilience, by means of high-level networking, sharing best practices and finding adaptive solutions in this everchanging and complex field. CIP Forum also acts as platform of debate on all the newly emerged intersections posed by its field of interest.

We invite you to be a part of this forum which is more than a conference: it is a nucleus bringing together leading industry speakers and professionals that are able to make a change within this essential sector.

As main objectives for this year’s edition of CIP Forum, we are confident that our participant will be able to:

  • Learn from experiences and challenges from the infrastructure and security companies, agencies and commercial organizations;
  • Gain insight into national and regional policy and security developments in relation to CIP;
  • Engage in constructive debates, educational opportunities and cooperation advocacy;
  • Share ideas and facilitate in valuable inter-departmental, government and agency cooperation;
  • Showcase leading technologies and products;
  • Involve in networking events and new created opportunities.