JUNE 14-16, 2022

Bucharest, Romania


The last few years have posed a number of new and serious challenges for us and as we have all seen how technology has been a major component of this paradigm shift – especially in regard to our virtually presence required within communities, professional or not. The pandemic and geopolitical tensions have certainly caused a lot of disruption to everyday lives and to the whole economy, providing new challenges for the critical infrastructure in order to remain continuously functional.

In this new context that has also led to a highly accelerated digital growth, critical infrastructure protection and resilience have to become all the more a priority within our diplomatic and governmental agendas. CIP Forum, coming this year to its fifth edition, has already established a solid network of experts on the topic of critical infrastructure protection and its various and complex branches, spreading to so many different vital sectors in society.

As all related challenges transgress national borders, we are called to seek collective approaches to address them by means of coordinating diplomatic strategies and efforts at a regional and global level. Critical infrastructures are always faced with new issues and threats arising in the digital environment and need permanent adapted solutions in this everchanging context. This is what CIP Forum aims to build and strengthen: a global network of high-level experts bringing together their views, solutions, knowledge and best practices in order to enforce resilience in this essential area of society.


– Mitigating Major Threats
– Overview of European Horizon Europe Programmes
– Lessons learned from the Pandemic and its affects on CI, Health, Transport and Financial sectors
– Emerging Threats Against CI
– The Future of Cyber Security
– Countering the Emerging Threats – Security, Risk & Disaster Mitigation

– PPP & Collaboration in CIP
– Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies – from Risk to Resilience
– Cyber Policies, Standards and Best Practice
– Cyber Risks and Resilience
– Cyber Threats and Risk Assessments
– AI, Machine Learning, Automation and Security in the Digitalisation of Critical Infrastructure.

500+ thinkers & leaders shared their ideas in a new regional format!

More than 500 thinkers and leaders attended the previous edition of the forum and got involved in discussions regarding the critical infrastructure protection in Romania and in the region. The conference welcomed participants representing Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Italy Japan, Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Republic of Moldova, Morocco, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Romania, South Africa, Turkey and the United States of America.

The main goal of the CIP Forum is to increase awareness, build trust and facilitate regional, trans-regional and international cooperation on issues related to the protection of critical infrastructures through the promotion of formal and informal networks for sharing best practices. Given that critical infrastructures have become an integral part of the cyberspace and that the cyber field is constantly challenging our conventional views on governance, the Forum will also act as platform of debate on these newly emerged intersections.

This year’s edition will incentivize debates on resilience and will include thought-provoking presentations on many of the serious critical infrastructure protection, management and security issues and challenges facing the industry.

We invite you to be a part of this forum which is more than a conference: it is a nucleus bringing together leading industry speakers and professionals that are able to make a change within this essential sector.



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