7th Edition 2024

April 17 – 18 | Bucharest, Romania


Welcome to CIP Forum VII 2024

The last few years have posed a number of new and serious challenges for us and we have all seen how technology has been a major component of this paradigm shift – especially in regard to our virtually presence required within communities, professional or not.

In this new context that has also led to a highly accelerated digital growth, critical infrastructure protection has to become all the more a priority within our diplomatic and governmental agendas. Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum – CIP Forum, coming this year to its 7th edition, has already established a solid network of experts on the topic of critical infrastructure protection and its various and complex branches, spreading to so many different vital sectors in society.

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The high-level international Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum – CIP Forum VII 2024 is one of the most notable initiatives in this field from Romania. We invite you to be a part of this forum which is more than a conference: it is a nucleus bringing together leading industry speakers and professionals that are able to make a change within this essential sector.

Conference Dates

Wednesday to Thursday
April 17 – 18, 2024

Conference Venue

The Palace of the Parliament
Bucharest, Romania


Here are some of our speakers

Conference Topics

  • Global Threats and International Cooperation: Protecting Critical Infrastructure in an Interconnected World
  • Practical applications for emerging technologies in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • The dependence on critical space infrastructures – evolutions with national, European and transatlantic implications
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