MARCH 25-29, 2019

Bucharest, Romania


In the context of migration and numerous terrorist attacks and the opening of conflict zones the whole world is forced to recalibrate national security strategies and more than that, common policies to overcome unprecedented dynamics of security-related conflicts and instability.

New geopolitical and geostrategic asymmetric threats make it possible to destabilize global, regional, European and/or state security.

Thus, the protection of critical infrastructure is increasingly important and absolutely necessary to assure the safety of the European citizen.
Existing physical and digital infrastructure are under stress because population growth and face challenges determined cyberattacks, extreme weather and climate change.


– Cyber Threats in Critical Infrastructure Sector
– Cyber Conflict Affecting Critical Infrastructure
– Regional Approaches for Critical Infrastructure Protection
– Cyber Diplomacy Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection
– Smart Cities Protection and Implications for Protecting Critical Infrastructure
– Critical Infrastructure of Future City

– Digital Transformation of Cities and Implications for Critical Infrastructure Protection
– Securing Critical Infrastructure with Artificial Intelligence
– Augmented Intelligence and Cyber Protection of Critical Infrastructure
– Critical Infrastructure Protection through Blockchain Technology
– New Critical Infrastructure Sectors

500+ thinkers & leaders shared their ideas in a new regional format!

More than 500 thinkers and leaders attended the previous edition of the forum and got involved in discussions regarding the critical infrastructure protection in Romania and in the region. The conference welcomed participants representing The United States of America, Japan, Israel, South Korea, China, Republic of Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Netherlands, Italy and Romania.
Together we can do more, we can share ideas and prepare for better security and resilience!


is a conference designed as an open platform for leaders, decision makers and managers from central administration, public and private sector, for security specialists and innovators.

The fourth edition of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum aims to put into discussion the links between critical infrastructure protection and technologies used to transform them. The topic was determined by the fact that technology advances at a rapid and difficult to anticipate pace and the transition to a digitalized society, in conjunction with the transformations that occur in all fields of activity, creates a new world in which communication and the way we do things get new dimensions.

The innovative potential of technology also reflects in critical infrastructure. New embedded technologies have a dual impact, bringing both benefits and potential risks with catastrophic effects. For a better understanding of these connections, representatives of strategic partners will be invited to participated the conference, in order to strengthen international cooperation and to ensure a global security framework.